Preparing For Camping With Special Needs

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Even though someone might have special needs, there are options available for that person to enjoy the same activities as others of the same age. Camping is a fun pastime for many people in the spring and summer. However, there are sometimes issues that might arise with the special needs person that would warrant more time spent with that person or a limitation of the activities that can be done while camping. Fortunately, there are camps that offer programs for people who have special needs whether it’s a physical disability or a mental handicap.

Getting Ready

Before someone with special needs goes camping, that person needs to pack and understand what is offered during the time away from home. Most camps have a list of the items that campers should bring, such as clothing that is easy to get on and off, a swimsuit, and sheets for the bed if the campers aren’t going to be in tents. The camper should pack medications that are needed and a list of the times that the medications need to be taken that will then be given to the staff. A comfort item can be packed as well, such as a stuffed animal or a blanket, so that the camper feels secure.

Do Your Research

Letting a special needs child go camping with others who have similar needs or going on a family camping trip can be exciting. However, it’s important to research the camps that offer services for those with special needs and to find a camp that works with people who have these needs because there are some locations that might be overwhelming. Camp Barnabas is an option to consider when you begin searching for camps. Online resources are sometimes the best way to locate camps for special needs people, exploring the camps that you like before making a final decision.

Plan Activities

Talk to the staff at the camp about activities that will keep the person busy or activities that the family can enjoy if you go together. Pack a few books or puzzles that the person can do when there aren’t group activities or when the person needs some time alone from everyone else.

Set Rules

Discuss the rules with the person who has special needs. The person might not be able to understand a lot of writing, so you need to use a few simple words that can be understood and followed. Reinforce the rules gently but firmly so that everyone camping is safe and has an enjoyable time.