How To Travel If You Have Food Allergies: 5 Important Tips

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If you suffer from food allergies, travelling often brings anxiety especially if you’re travelling to a foreign country where you don’t understand their food culture or eating habits. There are various types of food allergies and it is important to know where you belong. This way, you can know what you can eat and what you should steer clear from. The good news is having food allergies shouldn’t prevent you from travelling. With a few simple tips, you can be able to travel with any type of food allergy.

Understand the Basics of a Foreign Language

If you have food allergies and you intend to travel to far destinations, you need to make an effort to know the basics of the foreign language especially about matters pertaining to food. One great idea is to travel with allergy translation cards which you can easily design or purchase. This way, you can communicate effectively in the event of a language barrier to notify the restaurant attendants or chef which foods you’re allergic to.

Let Others Know About Your Allergy

It is difficult for others to know about your dietary needs if you’ve not informed them about your food allergies. Nowadays, airlines are increasingly making provisions to take care of patients with food allergies. It is therefore important to inform your airline or travel agent early enough about any food allergies you have and their severity. By doing this, everyone involved in your travel schedule will know in advance what to serve you and how to effectively take care of your needs.

Have Your Own Snacks

Bringing your own snacks when travelling is a guaranteed way of ensuring you will not be affected by food allergies. For instance, if you are allergic to wheat, you can prepare or buy your own snacks that do not contain wheat as an ingredient. When you bring your own snacks, you don’t have to eat snacks you’re allergic to because you don’t have an option. When you have your snacks, you’re able to avoid consuming strange snacks either on the plane or after you land overseas until you understand the ingredients involved. The further you travel from home, the more reason you need to have your own snacks with you until you arrive at your destination.

Find Out About Healthcare Facilities

On many occasions when you have food allergies, you might need immediate medical attention especially for serious allergies. Before embarking on a trip, always research and verify if there are any good hospitals near to where you will be staying in the event of an emergency.

Carry Your Medication

Various kinds of allergies have different kinds of medication. Before travelling, talk to your doctor and let them prescribe medication that would be helpful in the event you eat something you aren’t supposed to. Getting medication from your doctor is recommended as they best understand your medical history.

With the above 5 tips, you can safely and comfortably embark on your trip without having to fear about food allergies. Do not be tempted to eat food you’re not sure about, stick to the rulebook and all will be fun….happy travels!